About us


 To add value to our customers and principals in the field of analytical instruments through:

Global customer support

Excellence in delivering products and services

Competent and motivated employees


 To maintain our market leadership in the chosen field of analytical instruments; delight customers & Principals.

Analytical Instruments

Icon Analytical Equipment Pvt Ltd established in 1999 is part of the ICON group of companies with a focus on Analytical Instruments and related Analytical Techniques. Headquartered in Navi Mumbai, it has Regional offices located in Ghaziabad, Chennai, Bengaluru and Kolkata.

At Icon, we deliver a wide range of the latest state of the art advanced analytical equipment from all over the world.

Icon, for nearly two decades has consistently strived to forge an enduring relationship with its Customers, a relationship based on flexibility, understanding and mutual respect.

We are committed to ensure our customers receive unparalleled support from our highly skilled, experienced and dedicated service team.

We are a well-knit TEAM with an attitude of complete trust and understanding.

We are proud of our people, their performance and their positive attitude towards one another and the company.

Icon exists for its customers, old and new. It is their belief in us that propels us to achieve greater heights and to continue serving them with sincerity.


We are typically looking for a good mixture of deeply experienced professionals and young talent. Ideally there is a general knowledge around a specialised skill set.

Passion is important! This is not a place to sit back, relax and wait for things to happen. We work hard to be part of interesting projects and produce world class products.

Having said that, we are a bunch of fun loving people who like to celebrate every possible occasion. We also run Marathon together.


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