Thermo-Fisher Scientific Inc. USA acquired  FEI Company in 2016.

FEI is the world leader in electron optics and focused ion beam technologies. FEl’s market-leading solutions deliver precision imaging for three-dimensi onal characterization , analysis and modification of materials and structures with resolution down to the sub-angstrom level.

FEl’s industry leading technical and applications specialists collaborate closely w ith world-class customers who represent an accomplished list of advanced research institutes, academic centres and industrial enterprises in material science all of whom share a passion for discovery.

As the unrivalled leader in life sciences , Thermo Fisher Scientif ic Inc extends its reach w ith FEl’s products within its large biopharma customer base and its mass spectrometry leadership

Learn more about FEI using the link: www.fei.com

The first Phenom desk. I table top SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) was a part of the FEI product range until Phenom World became an independent company in 2009.

The Phenom is the fastest desk/table top scanning electron microscope in the world. After loading the sample you receive an instant optical image and electron image in just 30 seconds!

It is extremely robust, compact, less sensitive to vibrations and easy to use enabling high quality imaging with an intuitive user interface. It is equipped with a high brightness thermionic source (Ce86) that enables high­ resolution imaging and a long-life time.

Unlike other systems, the Phenom offers a range of models of SEM’s for a wide range of applications and some are equipped with both EDS detector  and Elemental Analysis software fully embedded into the system.

Today Phenom World has an installed base of more than 2100 systems all over the world including India in government organizations, universities, research institutes and industry.

Learn more about Phenom World using the link: www.phenom-world.com

Park systems is a global nano metro logy equipment company focused on the development production and sale of atomic force microscopy systems. It is headquartered in Korea with local subsidies in the USA Japan and Singapore.

Park Systems is the world leader and the fastest growing Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) company in the world with over a quarter century of continuous growth and product innovation. The company has developed a global sales network of over 30 countries and has more than 1000 AFM ‘s in use around the world.

Park Systems provides the most accurate and yet very easy to use Atomic Force Microscope with revolutionary features like True Non-Contact mode and automated software.

Learn more about Park Systems using the link: www.parkafm.com

Imina Technologies SA is born from the idea that conventional nanopositioning instruments used by scientists at the forefront of nanotechnology research are lacking of versatility to quickly adapt to ever changing experiments and needs. Over 10 years of research in high precision robotics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL) allowed to demonstrate that a mobile robot equipped with a motion technology based on piezo actuators can satisfy this growing need.

The company was founded in 2009 and started the commercialization a year later of its pioneering miBot™, the world’s most compact mobile robot with nanometer resolution of positioning. Since then, Imina Technologies’ young and dynamic team puts its expertise in precision engineering and robotics in serving science by developing innovative solutions that make its unique manipulator to be used with an ever wider range of measuring instruments and microscopes.

Partnering with experts in miniaturization and manufacturing techniques, all Imina Technologies’ products are manufactured in Switzerland and meet the highest level of quality required by high precision instruments.

Learn more about Imina Tecnologies using the link: https://www.imina.ch

Spectral Instruments – lnvivo and lnvitro Imaging

Spectral Instruments Imaging Inc. based in the USA offers the most innovate next generation Molecular Imaging System. It manufactures instruments for Pre-Clinical Optical ( bioluminescent, fluorescent ) and X-ray imaging.

The cutting edge patented LED based illumination provides  unprecedented  power and previously unattained sensitivity for  FLI and BLI. Deep-cooled camera, LED based illumination, absolute calibration and much more – are alI standard.

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Researcher s in pharma , academia, biotech as well as global CROs can conduct optical imaging system for studying small animal disease model progression , response to therapy and cell migration in-vivo.

Learn more about Spectral Instruments at www.specimg.com

NanoMegas was created in 2004 by a team of scientists and experts in the field of electron crystallography and catalysis.

NanoMegas novel digital DigiSTAR precision unit in combination with electron dif fractometer Pleiades can be adapted to a commercial  TEM ( 100-400 kV old as well as new)  and  can combine with  3d diffraction tomography to solve  nanocrystal structures, otherwise difficult  to solve by conventional  X-Ray diffraction techniques.

Precision  dif fraction is also  useful  to enhance /optimize EELS I EDS spectra and allow to have better data.

Learn more about  NanoMEGAS using the link: www.nanomegas.com

Molecular Vista based in California , designs, develops , and provides tools that allow its customers to probe and understand matter at the molecular level through quantitative visualization.

Its first product, VistaScope , provides a flexible hybrid atomic force microscopy (AFM) and optical spectroscopy platform for studying material & biological systems with chemical specificity with nanometer spatial resolution.

VistaScope is equipped with patented photo-induced force microscopy (PiFM) where the photo-induced polarization of the sample is measured directly in the near-field by detecting the time-integrated f orce between the tip and the sample.

Imaging infrared wavelengths specific to different chemical entities, PiFM can resolve the nanometer-scale distribution of each chemical species in diverse multi-phase and multi-component systems ,thereby revealing an unprecedented and spectacular molecular vista to the researcher.

VistaScope is built upon an ultra stable and flexible optical platform with top, bottom and side illumination/collection (all with high NA) capabilities and can be offered equipped w ith complementary techniques such as scattering SNOM (Vista­ SNOM) and tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (Vista-TERS) .

Learn more about Molecular Vista using the link: www.molecularvista.com

SIGRA Y based in California is focussed on developing premier x-ray solutions enabled by its patented technologies and its world-class  expertise in x-ray source and x-ray optic development

The SIGRAY ATTOMAP™ X-RAY ANALYTICAL MICROSCOPE provides both transmission-based x-ray structural analysis as well as fluorescence  chemical mapping with down to  < 1-10 ppm trace elemental sensitivity  acquired within  1 second, comparable to 3rd generation bending magnet synchrotron  microprobes.

Such capabilities are unprecedented for a laboratory microXRF, and more comparable to a non-destructive LA-ICP­ MS chemical mapping system , and enables a broad range of applications including: nanoparticles , advanced material, correlative analysis, metallomics and geology.

Learn more about Sigray using the link: www.sigray.com

The latest  ‘µ-X360s ‘  model fr om   Pulstec  is the wo rld’s lig htest and smallest non-destructive X- R ay analyse r for measuring residual stress in metallic surf aces.

This low cost analyser can efficiently measure stress by detecting the full Debye ring data from a single incident X ray angle

Learn more about Pulstec using the link: www.pulstec.co.jp/en/

KLA-Tencor USA was established in 1997 through the merger of KLA instruments and Tencor Instruments.

The K LA-Tencor series of benchtop stylus and optical surface profilometers offer the most complete range of stylus surface measurement features to meet the surface measurements  needs of the engineering and research communities.

The research-grade stylus surface profilometer products merge surface metrology capability and value with the surface finish measurement tool performance expected from the KLA-Tencor’s surface profilometer and surface metrology products.

Learn more about KLA-Tencor using the link: www.kla.com/surface-profilometry-and-metrology.html

Physical Electronics (PHI) is a subsidiary of ULVAC-PHI, the world ‘s leading supplier of UHV surface analysis

instrumentation used for research and development of advanced materials in a number of high technology fields including: nanotechnology , microelectronics, storage media, bio-medical, and basic materials such as metals , polymers, and coatings.

PHl’s innovative XPS, AES , and SIMS technologies provide our customers with unique tools to solve challenging materials problems and accelerate the development of new materials and products.

Learn more about PHI using the link: www.phi.com

RMC is one of the leading manufacturers of sample preparation equipment for soft matter and life sciences. Their product  line includes:


Cryosectioning  Systems

Motorized/Rotary  Microtomes

Automated EM Tissue Processors

Glass Knife Makers

Freeze Substitution Systems


Learn more about RMC using the link: www.rmcproducts.com

The mission of Fischione Instruments is to ensure a customer focus while providing the highest quality, most innovative instrumentation to the microscopy community.

Since  1966, Fischione  Instruments  has offered  innovative sample preparation instruments,  advanced  imaging technology, and specimen holders for electron microscopy. Our newest products for SEM and TEM are particularly suited for  emerging nanotechnology  applications.

Fischione will continue to both serve existing needs and address the requirements of emerging microscopy and nanotechnology  applications.

Learn more about Fischione using the link: www.fischione.com

Ted Pella, Inc. was founded in 1968 by Ted Pella & Christel Pella, in California and has steadily grown over the years . . Pelco International was formed in 1975 and was created as the export company for Ted Pella, Inc. In 2007.  Pelco International merged with Ted Pell, Inc. and became the International Division of Ted Pella, Inc.

Ted Pella Inc.is recognized as the leader in microwave tissue processing technology , being active in research in this area. Among the talented scientific staff , specialists in life sciences including histology , biological electron microscopy, ultramicrotomy , immunogold staining as well as vacuum evaporation and material science.

For all your microscopy consumable needs please visit www.tedpella.com

Quorum Technologies  was founded  in 2001, having acquired the long-established Polaron brand and its range of electron microscopy (EM)  products. Since then they have been proactive in responding to industry requests and requirements for new instruments and techniques, enabling them to develop over the years into a market-leading, globally  recognised business. In 2005 they acquired the  Emitech brand, extending their  exciting range and  growing  their business  further.

In 2009 further impetus and investment came with the acquisition of their company by Judges Scientific pie, and a list of other subsidiary companies can be found on their links page.

They continue to manufacture Emitech and Polaron instruments – now under the Quorum Technologies  brand – at their two premises in the South East of England, producing cryo-SEM and cryo transfer systems, and EM (SEM and TEM) preparation instruments.

Learn more about Quorum Technologies using the link : www.quorumtech.com


High-end benchtop preclinical imaging

At MOLECUBES utmost priority is given in ensuring user friendlines s   and providing expert serv ice with absolutely no compromise on image quality.

MOLECUBES provide three separate benchtop imagers or “Silagra“-The  -CUBE (SPECT), -CUBE (PET) and X­ CUBE (CT)which are perfectly suited for  in-vivo multimodal w hole body rat and mouse imaging.

All “CUBES” are state-of-the-art in terms of resolution, sensitivity and reconstruction software assuring high

image quality. Operating on the same software platforms the “CUBES” function as easily in modular as in stand­ alone mode. All systems fit standard lab tables, are (trans}portable and GLP-proof.

The  -CUBE  (PET)- high-performance preclinical PET imager.

Sub-millimetre  image resolution is achieved through the combination  of  Namenda  scintillators, the latest  photon counting technology and GPU-based  event positioning and iterative image reconstruction.

The X-CUBE(CT)  -high throughput CT “work horse”.

It allows for fast whole body mouse and rat CT imaging at extremely  low dose and excellent soft tissue contrast The  -CUBE -high-sensitivity , high-resolution (SPECT ) imager allowing whole-body mouse and rat mag ng.

Patented lofthole techn ology and laser sintered collimators combined with high-resolution detectors result in a high-end true benchtop imager

For more detail on the product and for list of publications please visit the link: www.molecubes.com

Teledyne CETAC Technologies a reputed worldwide leader in sample handling and sample introduction technologi es for  elemental analysis.

Acquired by Teledyne Technologi es in 2013 , CETAC ‘s spectroscopy and automation groups develop and manufacture, a family of products and services for customers around the w orld , where rapid and accurate determination of trace element concentrations is required.

Teledyne CETAC Technologies’ advanced  products and services include,

  • Automated Sample Handling Systems for increasing productivity in the analytical laboratory,
  • Sample Preparation Devices and Supplies for the general enhancement of qualitative and quantitative analytical determination in the laboratory ,
  • Nebulizers and Liquid Sample Introduction Systems for enhancement of sensitivity or the introduction of  small volume samples and
  • Laser Ablation Solid Sample Introduction Systems for the analysis of solids without sample dissolution

Learn more about Teledyne-CETAC using the link: www.teledynecetac.com

nerbe plus GmbH, founded at Ha mburg, German has been in the field of plastics technology for medical research and laboratory supplies for over 39 years.

nerbe plus GmbH offers:

Plastic consumables: Swabs, Spreaders I stirring spatula

Vials: Cell counter vials, Deep we ll plates, nerbe dispenser tips , Drosophila vials, Labels I barcoded labels, Cryo vials

Containers: Multipurpose containers , Snap cap container I Flip top container, Screw cap containers , Blender-Bags , Inoculation loops, Autoclavabl e bags

Cuvettes: Square cuvettes, Micro rack system, Micro test plates I Blood typing plates, Pasteur pipettes for single use, PCR vials

Pipettes : 16-channel pipettor and tips, Pipette tips, Robot ic tips, Filter tips I Premium Surface, Pipette tips I Refill system, Gel loading pipette tips, Sample bags with w ire closure, Scintillation vials, Analyzer cups for spec ial analyzing systems, Universal containers, Reservoirs

Tubes: Micro tubes (Eppendorf type), Tubes for serum preparation, Tubes with conical bottom, Round bottom tubes, Tubes with screw caps, Rod pipettes I serological pipettes, Tube caps, St raw pipette, universal beakers I universal containers, PCR plates, Petri dishes

Mailing box and envelopes: Mailing containers, mailing system for germ count, Sealing films I mats for PCR and Deep Wells.

Learn more a bout nerbe plus using the link: www.nerbe-plus.de

Leica Microsystems develops and manufactures microscopes and scientific instruments for the analysis of microstructures and nanostructures.

In the industry, Forensic and Education area, Leica Microsystems focus is to support customers’ pursuit of the highest quality end result by providing the best and most innovative imaging systems for their needs to see, measure and analyze the microstructures in routine and research industrial applications, in materials science and quality control, in forensic science investigations and educational applications.

Learn more about Leica Microsystems using the link: https://www.leica-microsystems.com/

Quartz Imaging Corp., based in Vancouver Canada since 1993, provides innovative software solutions to more than 2,400 microscopy lab customers in 39 countries.
Their products include:

  • Digital Image Acquisition and Processing for most image producing instruments (PCI)
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance for Microscopes (PCI/CFR)
  • Laboratory Information Management Systems (AL-LIMS)
  • Failure Analysis Lab Systems (FA-LIMS)
  • Reliability Lab Systems (RE-LIMS)
  • Automated Measurement for Semiconductor Features (PCI-AM)

Learn more about Quartz Imaging Corp. using the link: http://quartzimaging.com