X-Ray Analysis

Micro X-Ray Fluorescence

The Sigray AttoMap™ is a powerful x-ray analytical microscope with the highest resolution and highest sensitivity laboratory micro x-ray fluorescence (microXRF) capabilities available.

In a few well-chosen words, the reader must clearly grasp the subject of your memory, the track of your reflections, the addition that these represent in the field studied, your conclusion. It is not a question of presenting the structure nor of going into a detail of the developments reserved for the introduction. The language must be worked, but simple, accessible to all, those who know the subject perfectly like complete neophytes (avoid acronyms not explained for example). You should assume that your reader has no idea what is in their hands, but that you need to make them understand and arouse their interest to visit our website
. In addition, we favor the use of the simple present. The New Chronology, although little represented in France at present, is deployed thanks to the internet vector: according to it, dating errors and secular falsifications completely disturb the official historical chronology. Our research aims to discuss and then contradict this erroneous vision through a chronological, literary and archaeological study focused on the character of Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire, whose lives are disputed by historians of the New Chronology.

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Application Notes

X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy

X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) provides information on electronic structure, including valence state (chemical speciation), bond symmetry, interatomic distances, coordination number, and more. Read More

Application Notes

Laboratory X-Ray Optics

Customized high efficiency laboratory x-ray optics

  • Twin paraboloidal, ellipsoidal, or Wolter-type
  • Achromatic collimating or focusing
  • For building microXRF, microXRD, protein crystallography, and SAXS systems

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