Atomic Force Microscope

Park Systems’ comprehensive line of AFMs offers users unparalleled accuracy and ease of use. With AFMs designed specifically to be used in materials science, electronics, life science, nanotechnology, and other areas of research and industry, Park’s tools are trusted to deliver ultra-high resolution with extremely precise measurements quickly and easily.

The Park AFM features the World’s only True non-contact mode that prolongs tip life while preserving the sample, and flexure based independent XY and Z scanner for unparalleled accuracy and resolution. Read More

Application Notes

Scanning Ion Conductance Microscope

The Park NX10 Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) module allows researchers to acquire accurate measurements of samples in aqueous environments. Electrochemistry studies using SICM can now pair their investigations of the mechanisms of redox reactions and other phenomena in chemistry with the ability to map their sample’s topography. Read More

AFM Software

Park SmartScan is a revolutionary operating software for Park AFMs that lets even inexperienced, untrained users produce high quality nanoscale imaging through three simple clicks of a mouse in auto mode, which rivals that made by experts using conventional techniques. SmartScan manual mode also provides all of the functions and tools necessary for more seasoned users to feel at home. This combination of extreme versatility, ease-of-use, and quality makes SmartScan the best AFM operating software available. Read More


Stereo Microscopes & Macroscopes

Leica stereo microscopes are used in industry, research, laboratories or educational institutions – to view, examine and document specimens in three dimensions. Read More

Applications: Materials & Earth SciencePrinted Circuit Board (PCB) & Electronics ManufacturingMedical Device ManufacturingZebrafish ResearchMetals & Machine Engineering

Inverted Light Microscopes

Perform Cutting-edge Life Science research or Industrial and Materials inspection and measurement quickly and efficiently with modular inverted microscopes from Leica Microsystems. Read More

Application areas: Metal WorkingFoundriesIron and Steel Industry

Upright Light Microscopes

Get the publication-quality imaging, smallest details, inspect and document results efficiently with customizable upright microscope solution you need for your research with Leica Microsystems. Read More

Application areas: Energy, Mining and Natural ResourcesGeology, Environmental, Palaeontology, and Earth Science MicroscopesMaterials Science, Physics, and EngineeringEarth Science Education

Digital Microscopes

Digital Microscopes from Leica Microsystems helps the user for inspection, documentation, and analyses such as measurement in 2D and 3D as well as 3D topographies in surface metrology. Read More

Application : Materials & Earth Science, Geology, Environmental, Palaeontology and Earth Science, Materials Science, Physics, and Engineering

Microscope Cameras

Microscope cameras from Leica are particularly remarkable for their fast live images, short reaction times, high resolution and clear contrast. And they are compatible with all Leica microscopes and macroscopes. Read More

Application areas: Watchmaking IndustryEnergy, Mining and Natural ResourcesMetals & Machine EngineeringGeology, Environmental, Palaeontology, and Earth Science MicroscopesMaterials Science, Physics, and EngineeringMedical Device Manufacturing

Microscope Software

Microscope imaging software from Leica Microsystems combines microscope, digital camera and accessories into one fully integrated solution. Read More

Specimen Holders

A range of high performance specimen holders for Transmission Electron Microscopy. Read More

Peltier Cooling Stages for SEM

Developed for use in low vacuum and natural SEMs, peltier-cooled stages accurately control dehydration from wet specimens.

The Coolstage is a Peltier-driven SEM cooling stage for scanning electron microscopy (SEM), low vacuum (LV) or variable pressure (VP) applications. The stage can be cooled to sub-zero temperatures for specimens that

may be sensitive at ambient temperature, subject to beam damage, or may otherwise ‘sublime’ (lose water) at ambient temperatures. Read More

  • ** New instruments ** Nano Particle Generator from VS Particle ** Live Cell Imaging from Cytosmart **

1) Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy:

Simultaneous Topographical and Electrochemical Mapping using Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy – Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SICM-SECM)

2) Piezoelectric Force Microscopy:

Piezoelectric Force Microscopy: Multilayered Ceramic Capacitor

3) PinPoint Nanomechanical mode:

PinPoint Nanomechanical Mode Using Probes with Different Stiffness

4) Scanning Kelvin Probe Microscope:

How to obtain sample potential data for SKPM measurement