Surface Science

PHI Genesis

The PHI Genesis is the latest generation of PHI’s highly successful multi-technique XPS product line with PHI’s patented, monochromatic, micro-focused, scanning X-ray source. The fully integrated multi-technique platform of the PHI Genesis offers an array of optional excitation sources, sputter ion sources, sample treatment and transfer capabilities.

It is an fully automated system with auto-tuning, calibration and multiple parking positions for high throughput.

PHI Genesis offers high sensitivity and high throughput for large area and small area down to 5 µm and unique high-throughput non-destructive depth profiling using optional hard X-ray Cr source.

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PHI 710

The PHI 710 Scanning Auger Nanoprobe is a unique, high performance Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) instrument that provides elemental and chemical state information from sample surfaces and nano-scale features, thin films, and interfaces. Read More

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PHI’s patented Parallel Imaging MS/MS mass spectrometer provides superior sensitivity, low spectral background, unique ability to image highly topographic surfaces, high mass accuracy and mass resolution, and unambiguous peak identification with parallel tandem MS imaging capability. The PHI nanoTOF 3 can be configured with a wide variety of options to optimize performance for organic materials, inorganic materials, or both, depending on customer requirements.

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Stylus Profiler

Stylus Profilers from KLA offers industry-leading high resolution 2D & 3D profiling and are the most versatile stylus profiler on the market—capable of serving various industries in research and development and production measurements. The KLA’s Stylus Profiler have the capability to measure a wide range of applications in 2D and 3D, from nanometre to millimetre steps, high resolution roughness, soft materials, thin film stress, profile stitching and many additional features in an easy-to-use platform. Read More

Optical Profiler

The optical surface interferometer from KLA’s surface metrology product line uses non-contact, white light optical interferometry and differentiates itself with an innovative yet simple user interface. The KLA’s optical profiler features a powerful suite of functions to support the broadest range of applications in R&D and production, measuring texture, step height/film thickness, and form. The KLA’s optical profiler are used in a variety of industries: LED, power devices, medical devices, MEMS, semiconductor, solar, and precision surfaces. Read More