Nuclear Imaging

PET Imager

Sub-millimetre image resolution is achieved through the combination of monolithic scintillators, the latest photon counting technology and GPU-based event positioning and iterative image reconstruction. The 5-ring configuration ensures best-in-class sensitivity over a field-of-view adequate for whole-body mouse and rat imaging at high count rate. In-house hardware allows for dynamic and gated studies through our β-CUBE PET Imager. Read More

Application Notes

SPECT Imager

The γ-CUBE is a high-sensitivity, high-resolution SPECT imager allowing whole-body mouse and rat imaging.

Patented loft hole technology and laser sintered collimators combined with high-resolution detectors result in a high-end true benchtop imager. In-house developed image reconstruction software guarantees fast imaging and excellent image quality. All common SPECT-labelled therapeutic and diagnostic imaging tracers can be imaged. Read More

Application Notes

CT Imager

The X-CUBE is a high throughput CT “work horse”. It allows for fast whole body mouse and rat CT imaging at extremely low dose and excellent soft tissue contrast.

Light weighted thanks to a self-shielded imaging unit it is a truly mobile in vivo scanner. Advanced workflows such as gated and dynamic contrast enhanced imaging can be achieved in a functional and integrated set up. Read More

Application Notes