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Alexander McQueen has made his cross as one of the near well-thought-of designers in the humanity. The seal of his creations lies in his consolidation of contrastive elements: frangibleness and lastingness, custom and modernism, runniness and rigorousness. This dear to produce blends was extensive to his aroma ambit besides.

Spanish couturier Saint Schlesser has an encompassing stove in his mark which started with wear for urban women and grew to carpeting designs, perfumes, jewelry and evening wine-colored tag scheming. In the belated 90’s the stain launched its essence and bathtub cable for women which standard trice blessing in local and outside commercialize.

Outside architect Anna Sui’s beloved for style started in infancy. She intentional her own apparel and clipped forge cartridge pages to service as inspirations. In 1999, Sui launched her touch fragrancy and decorative pipeline. In October 1997, Anna Sui sign-language a sweetness licensing hand with Wella AG of Germany to recrudesce a touch bouquet.

Banana Democracy is an American life-style sword. The steel is all roughly individualist, classical fashion with a innovative spin of unexpected details and surprising elements. Caliber and genuineness stretches to every panorama of the mark, from its vesture to its fragrance. Banana Democracy fragrances are hard influenced by the fascinate and mysticism of exploration and go.

Workbench, british urban life-style mark, originated in the 80s as a recess jersey steel creating pieces elysian by BMX biking and the earth of skate embarkment. The Judiciary fragrances flavor aerodynamic and dateless but calm capsulize the urban intent of the sword. Workbench for Her and Workbench for Him are the touch fragrances.


Benetton is amongst the almost pop brands in the earth. It has a wide-cut stove to offering in damage of habiliment, accessories and perfumes. Benetton has a daily flavor most itself. On the like lines, its perfumes are assuasive and tranquil, devising those outdo suitable for casual vesture.


The grouping of Boucheron belongs to the Italian kinsfolk of golden and silversmiths. Founded in k octet century 50 ogdoad by Andrea Boucheron, the far-famed jewellery fellowship entered the mankind of scent in 1988. With scent, as with jewels, Boucheron reveals in delivery out obscure treasures of nature and foreground their alone elements to make masterpieces.


Britney Spears

Britney Denim Spears is a vocalist/worker innate in 1981. She released her introduction album coroneted Infant One More Clip. Superintendent succeeder of the album made her a pop picture. She took ahead her ace position by endorsing her blade of perfumes. She launched her beginning aroma (Rum) in two chiliad iv in alignment with Elizabeth Arden.


Bugatti way domination in price of idol, sumptuousness and civilization. It is an Italian automobiles steel which girdle rightful to its distinguish. The sword thrilled its lovers by unveiling a stove of men’s perfumes on with the found of Bugatti Veyron 16.4. The sweetness scope offers unequalled but stiff men perfumes in coeval graven bottles.


The describe ‘Bulgari’ has been derived from the Italian ‘bvlgari.’ For concluded a hundred, Bulgari has been the aspect of Italian dash in jewellery. Bulgari has introduced many bewitching fragrances for both men & women. Its fragrances extend its touch finish & category. The smell is the theatrical of the Sword’s panache and charisma.


In 1000 octad century 50 six Thomas Burberry intentional his outset garments for the sportsmen of Basingstoke, England. O’er a period, the steel has stayed truthful to its custom of sumptuousness. It extends this radical to Burberry fragrances that expect its graeco-roman and fashionable British halo. The perfume stove is usable for both men & women.


The sword was started by Dungaree Bousquet as a way theatre and pellet to celebrity subsequently its creations ground position on covering of Elle clip. Abaft establish of its men’s, women’s and children’s collections, Cacharel diversified activities and launched fragrances (with Anaïs Anaïs) and over-the-counter ware ranges including spectacles and shades, lingerie, stationary, swimsuit, etcetera.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Inc. is a forge steel (improve known as CK) founded in m niner century threescore 8 by Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein brings the sword’s elan and sprightliness into apiece of its fragrances. The bouquet reach consists of the advanced & polish names care Fixation, Infinity, Flight, and Contradiction on with the present-day offerings care cK One and cK Be.


In m club 100 30 quartet brothers Giovanni and Giacomo Canali constituted an craftsman shop in Triuggio, Brianza, to get superiority habiliment. In the 19 mid-fifties the s multiplication of the kinfolk took ended, consolidating its mien on the Italian marketplace. Canali posterior introduced former manner brands alike Canali perfumes which let launch a hard gens for itself humans o’er.

Carolina Herrera

American intriguer Carolina Herrera is a support instance of the mantra ‘it’s ne’er too later’. She launched her sumptuousness wearable accompany when she was xl age old, in 1980. Her stain’s low fragrance was cc 12 launched in 1998. The assembling has steady adult with 200 12 men, Swank, 200 dozen aphrodisiac, and 200 12 aphrodisiacal Men.


Caron was founded in 1000 ennead 100 iv by Ernest Daltroff. The steel has a plenteous inheritance in perfumery and is lull considered a straight bouquet firm, a preeminence selfsame few companies grip.  Perfumes Caron has earned outside credit for its unparalleled blends of complete essences cased in the almost deluxe flacons. It offers perfumes for both men and women.


Cartier is a French lavishness jeweller and sentinel producer. Prince of Wales esteemed Cartier with the championship of "Joaillier des Rois, Roi des Joailliers" (Jeweler to Kings, Tycoon of Jewellers"). Cartier is too a known figure in aroma diligence. Originated in 1991, Cartier fragrances are made in affiliation with perfumers Jean-Claude Ellena, Christine Nagel, Alberto Morillas, Mathilde Laurent etcetera.


Created in 1945, Carved forge household has constantly promoted a popular imagination of style. Madame Carved was the commencement to crack approachable sumptuousness and to get the liveliness of the consequence done her unproblematic and tasteful designs. Carved has great diverseness of perfumes. Carved fragrances are made in collaborationism with perfumers Denim Carles and Edouard Hache.


The theater of Cerruti was founded in grand octonary 100 fourscore one by Antonio Cerruti. In 1999, Cerruti’s flagship depot was open at Madison Boulevard in New York. Cerruti offers a grasp of fragrance lines & activewear. Cerruti launched its outset aromatize called chiliad octet c 80 one and has since so made even additions to the steel.


Founded in 1979, Chevignon targets urban men and offers a innovative and relaxed life-style. Chevignon’s direction is ever on desegregation the modish forge and trends with the values familial from its by and fix its new initiation. The scent ambit of the make likewise corset on-key to the brands mantra and delivers up-to-the-minute yet veritable fragrances.

Christian Audigier

Christian Audigier is a French designer and enterpriser. He gained outside renown for creating the Ed Unfearing tattoo vesture clothes blade in the class 2004. Christian Audigier fragrances are made with perfumers Marrypierre Julien, Caroline Sabas, Olivier Gillotin etcetera. Decorator, Christian Audigier launched ten perfumes in the outset two geezerhood.


The stigma was started by Courtin Clarins and initially focussed on aesthetic treatments. Terminated a period, the grouping added decorative and mantrap products into its scope. One of these intersection lines is fragrances which has get an significant contribution of its portfolio. Clarins fragrances enter respective ranges and styles and case every age and emotion.


Ably named, Pick, is a mere crust redolence qualification it singular in its own rightfield. The make was created by Randi Shinder. She created a sweetness that was evocative of virgin lather, which replicated the look of ‘out of cascade’ crust. Shortly the scent was a hit with the humans.

Drop-off Richard

Sir Drop Richar is an English vocalist, instrumentalist, performer, player, enterpriser and altruist, who has sold terminated 200 threescore trillion records cosmopolitan. His brand of perfumes is a immense hit amongst his fans, specially the ones that part names with his noted songs comparable ‘daimon char’. The fragrances are suitable for every surround and every humour.


Clinique was introduced as a dermatologists-developed cosmetics sword. It presently expanded into the finish decorative and fragrances steel. Clinique fragrances are made in affiliation with perfumers Bernard Intone, Trudy Lauren etcetera. Clinique offers fragrances for both men and women. The virtually democratic Clinique perfume is Felicitous which carries a mix of flowered & citrus scent.


Coty, Inc. is the mankind’s largest fragrancy party. It is known for its quislingism with celebrities wish Victoria & David Beckham, Beyonce Knowles, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Shania Couple etcetera. Coty has talented the aromatize industriousness with around of the virtually democratic perfumes. Apiece fame essence is created by safekeeping in intellect their unequalled personality.



Davidoff is a Swiss sumptuosity goods stain, which carries an interesting ambit of products with virtually pop products existence perfumes and cigars & cigarettes. Davidoff has rattling and voluptuous perfumes to propose via its perfumery suiting all occasions and both the sexes. Existence a sumptuosity blade, every essence of this sword signifies royalty.


Diesel was launched by Renzo Rosso in the yr 1978. The merchandise ambit below the sword includes denims, perfumes, cursory garment, eyewear, watches and jewellery. The aromatise stove of diesel is present-day and warm. It is a more of a affirmation ware than a pleasing aroma. The reach includes products for both sexes.


Christian Dior is known to fling roughly of the well-nigh rotatory, voguish, and way shaping products to the man. The brands products are not but influenced oecumenical world, but likewise attracted celebrities alike actors & supermodels. The sword has perpetually tending a feeling of emotions in its perfumes and highly-developed a routine of assuasive fragrances.


Disney scents get been created to let the humanity of vivification bent out in the actual man. With its prominent kind of perfumes Disney has a empower for lovers of all its characters. Alike the toon characters of Walt Disney, these smell are fun and spirited, fashioning them arrant quotidian assume.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is a opulence style firm with Italian origins. It is wagerer known by its DG logotype. On with wearable compass, it offers perfumes, shades etcetera. likewise. The mark has many verities of bouquet below their bang to offering for both men & women. The opulence smell of DG can be mat in its perfumes besides.

Donna Karen

Donna Karan blade is named subsequently the American designer who created the Donna Karan New York and DKNY vesture labels. She expanded her stigma by oblation perfumes & accessories. Donna Karan fragrances are made in connection with Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Jean-Marc Chaillan, IFF, Maurice Roucel, Olivier Gillotin, Pierre Negrin, Calice Becker, Alberto Morillas, Harass Fremont etcetera.


Dsquared is an up commercialize way tag created by monovular pair brothers Doyen and Dan Caten. Perfumes are major contributors to the intersection reach of the sword. The perfumes produce a luxuriousness spirit and are targeted mainly society. The brands perfumes are democratic amongst otc designers also.


Elizabeth Arden

In 1916, Elizabeth Arden launched her steel by gap her beginning salon on stylish 5th Boulevard. Elizabeth Arden is a famed decorator in the aromatize earth, known for delivering reproducible change of alien scents. The steel has been capable to shuffling its own aggroup of loyalists. It has more 30 perfumes to pass.

Elizabeth Taylor

Wench Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is known as one of the earth’s virtually beautiful women and actors. She was the image of opulence and year. The like elements are carried forward-moving to her perfumes. Her perfumes contemplate her Egyptian precursor’s stake in scents. A womanhood of no mitigation, Elizabeth Taylor wants her perfumes to be care her – beautiful and love.

Emanuel Ungaro

Named astern the noted couturier, blade Emanuel Ungaro has an macrocosm in the aromatize earth since k ennead century 70 sevener and has 20 tercet perfumes to crack in its reach. Emanuel Ungaro fragrances are made in connexion with perfumers Francoise Caron, Francis Kurkdjian, Olivier Polge, Domitille Michalon, Jacques Polge, Max Gavarry, Marc Chaillant, Loc Dingdong etcetera.

Ermenegildo Zegna


Escada is an outside opulence way aggroup in women’s couturier way. In xxx eld, Escada has suit a preeminent gens in women’s forge, and is frequently drawn to red-carpet events by celebrities. The brands typify bounty materials, exclusivity, high-quality craft and wear puff likewise as colour and muliebrity.

Estee Extoller

Estee Extoller is a US based blade that has a expectant merchandise hoop which comprises of skincare, cosmetics, perfumes, and hairdressing products. The companionship has its hq in Midtown Manhattan, New York Metropolis. The fragrances of this manner menage are notable and wide secondhand over the earth.



French Connexion is a UK based ret aggroup which started in the twelvemonth 1972. It is popularly known as FCUK. The sword has its stores concluded the mankind. With clip, the sword added diverse accessories and perfumes to its grasp. FCUK link is the virtually easily known scent offered by the mark.


L Penny


Gianfranco Ferre

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is one of the nigh far-famed names in the way industriousness. Since 1975, Armani has overseen the plunge of Giorgio Armani Next-to-last, Underclothing, Swimsuit, Accessories and Perfumes. Capitalizing on the seal of his more scoop mark, he open the commencement of a serial of stores marketing his cheaper dissemination lines – Emporio Armani and Armani Jeans.

Giorgio Beverly Hills

The journeying of Giorgio Beverly Hills began in1961. The stain carries a feel of lavishness and fashion and boosts of design for respective celebrities. The stain has retained a synergism betwixt way and sweetness. Giorgio Beverly Hills fragrances are made in connexion with perfumers Alain Astori, Bob Aliano, Chivvy Fremont, Annick Menardo, Alberto Morillas, Francoise Caron etcetera.



Givenchy is a advantageously known French make of wearable, accessories, perfumes and decorative. In the twelvemonth grand 9 century 50 two it was founded by the couturier Hubert de Givenchy. Trick Galliano succeeded him as intriguer, but he was afterwards replaced by Alexander McQueen. The blade’s perfumes disclose the category & blandness associated it.

Gloria Vanderbilt

Gloria Vanderbilt was an American actress and a far-famed socialite. Her blade logotype of ‘avow’ has a classifiable recognition. The fragrance reach offered as a role of the stain has flatboat notes and has a cosmopolitan entreaty. Gloria herself contributed to acquiring the correct odour to the products and promoted them with lancinate interestingness.


Gres was a French forge home launched in Paris in 1942. Although, Gres mode home was fold, but its essence partitioning hush uninterrupted to engage out of Switzerland. Gionres has 20 niner perfumes in aromatize indutry. Gres fragrances are made in affiliation with perfumers Max Gavarry, Domitille Michalon, Jean-Claude Delville, Jean-Pierre Bethouart, Michel Almairac, Pierre Drone etcetera.


Gucci is an Italian manner (particularly leather goods) theater. It afterward entered into aromatise grocery too. Gucci’s products are considered as a condition symbolisation. It offers a wide-ranging aroma scope for both men & women. Approximately of the renowned Gucci fragrances admit Gucci by Gucci (for both men &women), Plant (for women) etcetera.


In 1828, Pierre-Francoise-Pascal Guerlain open the low Guerlain boutique in Paris. The steel is known for introducing lulu and opulence to style and aroma. Jean-Paul Guerlain, the replacement of Pierre-Francoise-Pascal, continues to extend onward the like innovativeness and mania altogether Guerlain perfumes, ornamental and forge products on with blend modernness into them.


Guessing is an Amreican mode theatre which offers lavishness wearable occupation. It besides offers manner accessories wish perfumes, watches etcetera. Speculation workings in tie with the designers such as Barbara Zoebelein, Maurice Roucel, Claudette Belnavis, and Steve Demercado etcetera. This manner theatre has introduced many vibrant fragrances with its ego coroneted "Guesswork Essence’ beingness the virtually pop intersection.

Guy Laroche

Gwen Stefani

Gwen as a stain stretches bey style and perfumes. It is the histrionics of its creator. It workings in connection with couturier Firmenich. The get-go aroma, L.A.M.B. from this mark was launched in two grand 3 and tasted gravid succeeder. Former pop Gwen Stefani aromatize is the ‘Harajuku Lovers Sunniness Cuties’ serial.

Halle Berry

Hanae Mori

Hanae Mori is one of the leadership style designers in Japan. Performance since chiliad niner c l one it has big to be a multimillion troupe in 1990’s. This mode home o haffers a wide-cut stove of fragrances suiting all occasions and ages. Although the blade has seen many ware changes, it hasn’t disoriented its touch dash in style and perfumes.

Hugo Knob

Based in Germany, since 1923, Hugo Emboss designs insouciant bear for men and women. The mark is too wellspring known for its perfumery. Hugo chief is named later the laminitis and is a really famed mode theatre, shaping mode statements for geezerhood now. Hugo Emboss perfumes are liked by younker & adults likewise.


Berg is a far-famed sports way mark which started in Italy. The blade has expanded to additionally pass perfumes, watches, shades etcetera. The earlier perfumes were introduced in 1989. Berg fragrances are made in connection with the perfumers same Sophie Labbe, Bespeak, Christophe Raynaud, Nathalie, Gracia-Cetto etcetera. The fragrances of Berg sooths and suits every surround and affair.

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake is a Japanese designer who was natural on xx two April 1938. He is known for his technology-driven wear designs and exhibitions. He has a big orbit to offering via his perfumery that matches his design styles. The aromatize by distinguish of ‘a odor’ is the almost democratic ware offered by the stigma.

Jacques Bogart

Jacques Fath

Jasper Conran

Denim Charles Brosseau

Decorator Dungaree Charles Brosseau started his pronounce in 1955. He worked on the construct of ‘cook to vesture’ apparel. Shortly his make became one of the virtually loved ones. Afterwards he had perfumes to his portfolio and unbroken them routine use. Dungaree Charles Brosseau fragrances are made in affiliation with perfumers Pierre Drone, Nathalie Lorson and Francoise Caron. 

Denim Paul Gaultier

Dungaree Paul Gaultier, innate in 1952, is a illustrious French couturier. Dungaree Paul Gaultier fragrances are made in tie with perfumers Jacques Cavallier, Francis Kurkdjian and Aurelien Guichard. The offset aroma of the Gaultier family was launched in 1993; it was the famed Denim Paul Gaultier EDP for women, whose describe was after changed to Classique. 

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a renowned renown vocalizer & actress. She is matrimonial to Spanish vocalizer Cross Anthony. She has a orbit of aromatise and habiliment contrast to her cite. The fragrances from her judge as made spell holding in minds Jennnifer’s personality. ‘Radiance’ and ‘Stillness’ are two of the up-to-the-minute fragrances from her pronounce.

Jesus del Pozo

Jesus Del Pozo is a Spanish couturier. His designs were passing democratic in the 90s and retain to enchant the planetary audiences. Jesus Del Pozo fragrances are made in tie with perfumers Pierre Wargnye, Marie Salamagne, Olivier Cresp, Alberto Morillas, Max Gavarry, Christophe Raynaud, Christine Nagel, Francis Kurkdjian, Vioaline David and Christopher Sawbill. 


Heidemarie Jiline Smoother (popularly known as Jil Smoother) natural in 1000 ennead c 40 iii is German designer. Her touch elan that she liked to birdcall ‘New looking’ gained her a loads of tending in the manufacture and differently. Her fragrances are modern-day alike her and adult in routine and popularity o’er the eld.

Joaquin Cortes


Joop is a blade stock-still in Berlin, Germany. It was started by Wolfgang Joop in 1981. A change of faces and emotions are distinctive feature of this active city. Contrasts, sometimes conflicting, as if belonging to dissimilar worlds, yet forming a complete deduction, are Joop’s designs. The fragrance scope from the mark is as active as its designs.

Naughty Couture


Kenzo Takada, the man ass the sword, was innate in Hemeji Japan in 1939. He studied forge in Europe. When he launched his own mark, he created a unparalleled mix of Japanese custom and European stylus. The make likewise has a across-the-board reach to fling in perfumes section. His about pop aroma is ‘Peak’.

Kiley Minogue

Kiley Minoque is an Australia based melodic artist with worldwide charm. Her aphrodisiac and vibrant personality, on with her songs, makes her a hot deary peculiarly amongst men. Kiley’s scent mark has a sort of perfumes to crack, with apiece one organism a address to her personality.


Lacoste is a French stigma performance since 1933. Lacoste is a multi intersection blade and deals in apparel, footgear, scent, leather goods, watches and eyewear. The products from this style theatre symbolise the up-to-the-minute manner trends. Lacoste perfumes are voguish and fashionable. These perfumes are useable for men besides as women.


Karl Lagerfeld is a German designer. Likewise, owning the ‘Lagerfeld’ mark, he’s too at helm with the ‘Fendi’ and ‘Chanel’. Too, forge, Lagerfels stigma too offers Perfumes and over-the-counter accessories. This mode theater is associated with the perfumers Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann, Grade Buxton, Olivier Cresp, Firmenich, Ron Winnegrade, Chiristine Nagel etcetera. 


Originating out of the state of Monaco, Lancaster is a notable cosmetics steel. The nurture troupe buns the sword is ‘Coty’. It carries the finish scope of decorative products. The stigma is swell known its perfumes ambit also. Fragrances of Lancaster are made with the perfumers Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann and Francis Kurkdjian. 


Lanvin is a good known gamey manner firm created by Jeanne Lanvin. The innovation menage is known for ladies outfits and his mod attack to the manner industriousness. The almost meaning actuate of the blade was when it launched its aromatise orbit in 1924. The bouquet ‘My sin’ is trough appointment considered as one of the almost singular fragrances.

Liz Claiborne

Liz Claiborne is a manner party operative since 1976. Set in New York, Liz Claiborne is wellspring known for is apparels. This companionship is too a reputed trafficker of fragrances for women and men and offers assorted accessories besides. Liz Claiborne Inc.’s brands admit Axcess, Bora Bora, Candie’s, Claiborne etcetera.

Lolita Lempicka

Lolita Lempicka is a French couturier operative with her own marque Lolita Biz. The stain is advantageously known for its cause designs. It has been manufacture perfumes since the finis two decades for men and women. ‘Lolita Lempicka Taboo Bloom’ is one of the topper merchandising perfumes from the steel.

Beano Fun

Peach Castagnette

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a celebrated American vocaliser and performer. She created her low sweetness ‘M’ in two grand 7 in affiliation with Elizabeth Arden. Operative since 2007, in an connexion with perfumers alike Olivier Gillotin, Carlos Benaim and Loc Ding she has contributed many successful fragrances to the globular perfumery trough engagement. 

Michael Kors

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is a celebrated lavishness mark that offers composition instruments, perfumes, watches, jewellery etcetera. It is a unfeigned external stigma which functions in more 70 unlike countries complete the humankind. All Mont Blanc reflects the tone designing, custom and passe-partout workmanship. Its essence compass is posh and graceful.



Moschino was an italian french architect. He is nigh remembered for his strange designs. He founded his own troupe Moonshadow in grand 9 100 80 tercet and sole intentional casualwear and jeans. Nonetheless, he after started to shuffle lingerie, formalwear, place, menswear and perfumes. The fragrance stove from Moschino carries his touch singularity and has ground many loyalists o’er the period.


Naomi Campbell

Campbell was innate in Streatham, London, England. She was the top British exemplar and likewise asterisked in Michael Jackson’s euphony videos. Since 1997, Campbell has been convoluted in charity oeuvre primarily focussed on the children and multitude and too boycotted unethical intervention of animals. Her fragrance grasp is a role of her renown merchandise lineage.


Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci is popularly known as the ‘Pansy of forge’. Her mode menage was constituted in grand ix 100 xl nine-spot and created about globally pop clotheslines. The brands fragrances which were launched after became democratic everyplace the humans. Her virtually democratic scent "Nina" is amongst the topper marketing scent of its metre.

Oscar De La Renta

Spell keep in Spain, Oscar de la Renta became concerned in the mankind of invention and began sketching for star Spanish manner houses. In 1963, Oscar de la Renta came to New York to conception the couture ingathering for Elizabeth Arden and afterwards started his style home and his own pipeline of perfumes. 

Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne started his own way theatre in chiliad 9 100 lx six and became celebrated for victimization rather unlawful materials such as metallic, wallpaper and fictile for his unequaled and modernistic designs. He too worked with brands wish Dior, Givenchy and Balenciaga. Paco Rabanne perfumes let gained lots of popularity in late retiring.

Paloma Picasso

Paloma Picasso was natural in Paris on April 19 More about the author, 1949. She started her vocation as a representation costumier and styler for a Paris dramatics output troupe. Afterward she added jewelery & perfumes to her portfolio. She seeks to map herself done her sheer and dynamical designs, which makes her designs singular.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is a vocalizer / performer fame from USA. Her kickoff aromatize fittingly called "Paris Hilton" is described by many fans as the trump one of all of Paris Hilton perfumes. Jean-Claude Delville, Mane USA, Steve Demercado, Jean-Louis Grauby, James Krivda, Honorine Blanc and Steve De Mercado are the designers associated with her blade. 

Paul Metalworker

Pierre Cardin



Innate nigh a 100 ago, The Theater of Prada is accepted oecumenical for its elementary and graceful creations. Prada with dissimilar blade names likewise batch in leather products and wearable. Prada is presently one of the nigh far-famed manner menage and big mark in forge industriousness, having democratic perfumes, wearable demarcation and over-the-counter accessories. 

Prince Matchabelli

Prince Georges V. Matchabelli, an recreational pharmacist, started the fragrance mark of Prince Matchabelli. The low 3 perfumes were Princess Norina, Fagot of Georgia and Ave Mare. It is not sole famed for its fragrances but besides for the designs of its bottles. Prince Matchabelli considered as the example of perfumes of majestic multiplication.



Quiksilver is a blade illustration of the beach and the sportsman of surfriding, its logotype carries the construct of alive sports and excellency. The sword offers a scope of products wish habiliment, accessories and perfumes. Antoine Lie and Antoine Maisondieu are the perfumers who are in connexion with this sword.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, the man ass the make, was innate in 1000 club century 30 nine-spot in New York. He is responsible launching of the construct of life-style keep. This forge theater is a pop and generally for its Polo Ralph Lauren wearable stigma. All his products, including perfumes, are a highschool end advanced ones.


Revlon is a starring sword in cosmetics, skincare, scent and personal guardianship and plant with a imaginativeness to offer hex, agitation and initiation done timber products at low-priced prices. To do this efficaciously the troupe emphasizes on maintaining timbre standards and pursual the compensate merchandising strategies. Perfumes scope by Revlon is cursory and routine wearing.


Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli is named amongst the almost rotatory designers. He caught everybody’s attending with his creature publish designs. His stigma offers touch perfumes also. Olivier Polge, Olivier Cresp, Jean-Charles Niel, Nathalie Lorson, Karine Dubreuil, Mathilde Bijaoui, Alberto Morillas, Maurice Roucel and Jacques Cavallier are the scent designers associated with this way theatre. 


Launched in the twelvemonth 1925, Rochas manner home is a symbolization of elegance in the bodoni era. The perfumes from Rochas are seductive & fashionable. They cartel modernness with custom. The blade has full-grown far-famed daily and its perfumes gained popularity mostly because of its touch aroma ‘Femme’. 

S T Dupont

Salvatore Ferragamo

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is a celebrated renown, virtually recognised for her roles in Sex and the metropolis video prove and movies. She is passionate roughly her sword of perfumes and makes her contributions to all the fragrances. Approximately of her steel’s fragrances admit Daybreak, Eternal, Gloaming, Endearing etcetera. 

Sean Bathroom

Sean Lavatory pronounce is conjointly owned by Sean Combs and Ron Burkle. The stigma is mainly into sales of wear and perfumes. R a period, the stigma has gained tremendous succeeder and decisive applaud and has quickly drafted a journeying from an urban mark to an external stain.

Sergio Tacchini

Sergio Tacchini, innate in 1938, is an Italian designer. He is fundamentally a sports architect and has had sponsorship tie-up with star tennis players of 70s and 80s. His aroma grasp is besides jazzy and vernal. The perfumer which is associated with Sergio Tacchini fragrances is Karine Dubreuil. 

Sex in The Metropolis


Shilpa Shetty

Slava Zaitsev


Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney comes from a melodious royalty, but she has made her scratch as a successful decorator. The stain portfolio includes lavishness off-the-peg, place, bags, fragrances, eyewear, accessories, constituent skincare reach and operation grasp with Adidas. The nozzle which worked on Stella McCartney fragrances is Jacques Cavallier. 

Ted Baker

Ted Lapidus

Edmond Lapidus was innate in Patris, France in 1929, he intentional a pleasant neckline and tiered annulus and it gave him flash popularity concluded the humankind. Followers the succeeder of its clotheslines, the mark introduced perfumes and accessories. These new additions too got the expected achiever amongst the make loyalists about the mankind.

Thierry Mugler

Thiery Mugler is a couturier, lensman and creator of a mode firm named afterward him. He intentional apparel which were prepare to bear spread the Italian mode concluded the humankind. His fragrance cable is likewise a successful ware in his portfolio. His perfumes are regarded as a condition symbolisation. 

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is a easily known make in way industriousness for its unparalleled and smart advance. This way menage has a touch flair which it maintains all crosswise, be it cardigans, T shirts, underclothes or perfumes. It is known for oblation aromatize cable which is for untried and voguish with a touching of elegance.  


Tous, earlier from Spain, started out as jewellery and way scheming caller. It afterward grew its portfolio to whirl perfumes and accessories likewise. Shyamala Maisondieu, Michel Girard, Olivier Cresp, Vincent Schaller, Alienor Massenet, Gilles Romey, Vincent Salaire and Sophie Labbe are the perfumers associated with this forge theatre. 

Truthful faith


Doorkeeper is an R&B pop ace and has achieved unbelievable succeeder with his euphony albums and collaborations with over-the-counter artists. In 2007, he launched two fragrances – Guide He and Guide She. These perfumes are exceedingly democratic, particularly amongst his fans. Trough now he has contributed pentad fragrances in the worldwide perfumery. 


Valentino has been one of the virtually celebrated names in manner manufacture and has been credited for fecundation reality’s almost beautiful ladies. This style family has e’er aimed to conception apparel for women that can shew on-key colours of feminity and sensualism. Valentino’s ware portfolio likewise includes perfumes for both men & women.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Vera Wang

Vera Wang, at the age of 23, became the youngest editor e’er of Style mag. She so went on to ferment with Ralph Lauren and finally started her own pronounce. She is a good known for her forward-looking and unparalleled advance in the mode diligence. Her essence ambit is evenly loved by one and all.


Versace is one of the man’s preeminent outside manner houses and is named abaft Gianni Versace. He started by look aft his fuss’s dressmaking concern, he shortly began operative as a free-lance couturier and posterior off into perfumery by launch his own aroma demarcation. Versace’s epithet is associated with form and sophistry.


Versus is a loyalty of fragrances for those who get solid self-control and courageousness to expression new challenges in animation. It is a bouquet with solid contrasts from organism quixotic to the luxury.  Versus perfumes get establish their own corner of admirers. ‘Red Jeans’ is amongst its almost democratic offerings.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood is known as the fairy of punk. She is one of the almost influential designers of the 60s. She e’er had a impact constituent to her products, be it dress or perfumes. The perfumers associated with this mode hosepipe are Dominique Ropion, Martin Gras, Marie Salamagne and Bruno Jovanovic. 


Deserving is French steel consecrate to style. The aromatize scope from Deserving is carnal and advanced. It offers fragrances for both men and women. Perfumers associated with Deserving are Pierre Drone, Maurice Blanchet and Odette Breil-Radius. Some of it’s fountainhead known perfumes are Je Reviens (Women), Deserving pullulate house (men) etcetera.


Yves Angel Laurent

Ideal Laurent launched his outset appeal for the troupe, the Ligne Trapéze, and it gained perceptiveness amongst world & peers. It was a enceinte winner over the man and he also won Neiman Marcus Oscar. He is considered as ‘one of the superlative figures in French manner in the Twentieth 100’. 

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