Schooling development is becoming increasingly popular and prominent as well as education improvement is
(the improvement of education representing) (N+N) an essential stage for any countries(country) which seeking to develop itself . Number of people (A considerable number of people ) think that using a pen and paper in examinations are(is) not the best way of appreciation education achievement(means by which to appreciate educational achievement) .Opponents regards(regard) that using(the use of) classic formal (pen and paper)examinations are(as being)((باعتبارها the best manner of assessing education development (by which to assess educational development).When you have no time to write your assignment – best assignment helpis always ready to help you and you just only need to visit assignmenthelpuk.org . This essay will discuss these tow (two) views in terms of the technological field and the traditional field .On the one hand , there is no justification for using traditional examinations in the presence (the face of the expansion) of technology . By(The use of) technological tools and programs becomes processing a data (makes data processing) after the test very(highly) comfortable and easy (straightforward). In addition , it can be use the information(the information can be used) to discover things(examine issues) such as the discovery of common mistakes , finding the most difficult questions and many more(so on) . Furthermore , it is really easy to correct examinations after the exams(subsequent to being sat) , as well as do not take a long(taking less) time to finish all it (such corrections). For example , the TCExam is an electronic tasting(testing) program which(for) making a exams and (that) it can correct 100 exams for (in) less than one minute . Because of technology , it could say (be said that) we do not use traditional exams are no longer needed.


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